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Featuring Industry Standard iZotope RX 10 Processing: to enhance speech and remove any unwanted noise!

How do our sessions work?

  1. Consultation to chat about your Project (Zoom Call).

  2. Complete the following form to receive a Quote and estimated time scale.

  3. Audio files to be sent via WeTransfer.

  4. This Service will clean up your Podcast, by removing any mistakes, background noise, coughs, and treating technical glitches. De-reverberation is also used to produce consistent results. 

Choice of Levelling for your desired output:

  • EBU R 128 (-23 LUFS)

  • Apple Music (-16 LUFS)

  • Deezer (-15 LUFS)

  • Spotify (-14 LUFS)

  • Amazon Music (-14 LUFS)

  • Tidal (-14 LUFS)

You will receive:


  • 10% Off Your First Session.

  • Professionally Edited Stereo .WAV File(s).

  • 44.1 kHz / 16 bit

  • 48 kHz / 24 bit

Simply drag and drop the Mixed Audio File into your video editing software, or upload it straight onto your favourite streaming platform, and start sharing!


50% Deposit Required

All Services require a non-refundable 50% Deposit. This process has been implemented to ensure your Session goes ahead, as scheduled. It simultaneously acts as a Cancellation fee - should you wish to terminate your Session early. The remaining 50% balance must be paid for the release of final deliverables.

We hope you understand.

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